About the ZAF

Zimtorque created a project aimed at applauding the Zimbabwe motoring industry called Zimbabwe Auto Festival. Our goal is creating an unforgettable ambiance at the event so as to extend its longevity in years to come.

  • Focuses on motor vehicle suppliers
  • Aftermarket service companies
  • Family orientated fun with kids entertainment
  • New and Modified cars
  • Main display ramp to present the vehicles modifications & capabilities
  • Various competitions

Our mission is to expose the auto dealers to a new and emerging market that is vibrant and creative. Also we aim to target the young people at heart, of who in the next few years will be the biggest consumers of brand new vehicles as our economy is reshaping. Finance packages and affordable brand new vehicles are being made available to this age group.


We want to create an event that is to be talked about not only in Harare, but in the region and  internationally. Enthusiasts are a resourceful and passionate bunch, but unfortunately we cannot reinvent the wheel, but we can modify it,make it look better, feel better and work better hence and it is this spirit and drive that we seek to tap into and grow.