Charge and drive now than later?

As we celebrate the 2nd annual World EV day on the 9th of September, many continents will be joining hands for a greener future in transportation. So where is Africa in all this? We have seen the emergence of EV industry trendsetters in Africa such as Agilitee an upcoming vehicle and bike manufacturer, Grid cars specialists in public EV charging, Emobility Traders an online EV, Hybrid and smart chargers dealership, BYD an EV Dealership in Zimbabwe, Electric Drive Africa an EV magazine for Africa, Hyundai Ethopia selling and assembling the Hyundai Ioniq and lastly dealership such as Jaguar and BMW selling EVs in South Africa. However has enough been done in Africa to keep up with the global pace set by Tesla and Nissan. Well company in question that has increased the pace is Agilitee.

Agilitee a company in South Africa has strived in making e-mobility early adoption affordable and accessible offering franchises in a number of countries within the continent. Looking at Africa it can be a continent to set an example with creating solar power generated source of energy which can be used to charge the vehicles and store power in the vehicles.

Research also shows that Africa is one of the most sun-rich continents in the world, which makes it easier for EV adoption. So why are we taking time? Government policies? Private investment? All these questions can easily be answered. Sunlight is sustainable energy and government can come up with policies that will assist investors and companies to easily be early adopters

Smart chargers such as the Wallbox Quasar will play a pivotal role in getting early adopters in not only Africa but globally with its bidirectional charger which can not only charge your car but feed energy into your house in the case of a power cut. They are many benefits in going green in transportation, various job creations, energy sustainability and balance. As we celebrate WORLDEV DAY there is more education that needs to be invested in globally for early adoption including the financial industry to easily and quickly finance such projects.

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