Super Sedan vs Super SUV vs Covid-19

Lamborghini Urus vs Amg e63s

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc all over the world in recent times. With over 3.2 million confirmed infections and 230 000 deaths worldwide, it’s safe to say the world will not be the same. Motorsports like many other large gatherings has seen many events cancelled or rescheduled and locally the motorsports calendar was shelved to aid social distancing initiatives.

That hasn’t stopped enthusiasts racing their mouths and offering to socially distance each other on the race track after the lockdown ends. This is pretty normal in the off season , but what makes it different this time is the racers. Entrepreneur Samuelle Dimairho and MP Hon. Justice Mayor Wadyajena have set the twitterverse alight, with each claiming the superiority of their luxury vehicles. The best part of this entire race? A USD100k purse going towards COVID-19 efforts.

Mercedes AMG E63s Samuelle Dimairho

Samuelle Dimairho is a Forbes 30 under 30 winner and no stranger in the local drag racing scene having thrilled crowds along with his wife in their white Mercedes AMG E63s. The E63s is the latest from the three pointed stable packing a 450kw engine churning out 850Nm of torque. The E63 loses out in the power stakes but makes up for it with a curb weight of 1990kg. Being under 2 tons could make all the difference.

Hon. Justice Mayor Wadyajena Lamborghini Urus

The Honourable MP and his Lamborghini are no stranger to Zimbabweans either. The Zanu PF has a need for speed having previously known for his BMW M5 super sedan. The Urus trumps the E63s with a 478kw power output but a matching 850Nm of torque. The achilies heel of the Italian SUV however is it’s 2200kg curb weight.

How do we think the race will go?

Statistics on paper give a good idea, but what happens on the black top could be a whole other story. We’ll ignore any manufacture specs because they can tend to sand bag and instead look at Car and Driver’s tests with timing equipment. The AMG completed the quarter mile in 11.1 seconds at 203km/h. The lambo on the other hand completed the same test in 11.4 seconds at 195km/h. Very close indeed and goes to show that the 28kw advantage that the Urus has may not be enough to overcome its weight.

How about another spanner in the works? Track surface and altitude will affect those times too and that will definitely affect the sort of times they will achieve locally. For example Samuelle Dimairho’s best time is an 11.9 at 189km/h almost a full second and ~15km/h slower than was achieved by C&D. Assuming both cars are affected equally the AMG should just edge out the Lamborghini

Personally i’d love to see a best-of-three race between these two vehicles and to throw in a little more excitement? Have Mano Zevgolis’ 1983 Toyota MR2 compete against the Urus. Super SUV vs Super Tuner. You can download our quick facts graphic below and see who your friends think will win the race.

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