Fuel Queue Entertainment

Recently we have been spending most of our time at fuel stations eagerly waiting to quench our thirsty cars. But how have we been keeping ourselves entertained?

Car Radio

This should be the most common form of entertainment whilst we are in a petrol queue. We usually like to listen to our playlists on the flash drives or sometimes national radios. However this has its drawbacks as you can weaken the battery. Best to have a battery pack to recharge you phones and use that as primary music player.


Its always good to get out of your car and talk to your neighbors. Brainstorm on how best to save the little fuel you get or advise the service station on a better system to ensure that everyone is served on time. On the other hand create debates. I have seen some other guys actually having a portable braai stand and cooler box; having a small picnic waiting for the fuel. This form of entertainment makes you forget that you are in a fuel queue and makes it more social.

Smartphone or Tablet

Probably this is a time you can chat in groups or start unnecessary arguments to keep you entertained through your fight to get the golden liquid. There is lots you can do on your smart phone such as social media, games and even reading a novel. With that said you can also carry your novels to read if you’re worrying about battery life.


Sleeping is quite common as some people might get annoyed and frustrated on waiting so they will tend to sleep and dream about having a car with a full tank or being somewhere else rather than being the sun’s entertainment. Do remember to be safe, keep your doors locked to avoid intruders.

Leaving your car

Sometimes you can just get out of your car maybe take a walk to the nearest kiosk to relax. If you live close; go back home and leave your phone number with the person behind you to call you when the fuel truck docks. These days we have created many whatsapp groups to keep us update on where there is fuel and how long the queue is. Well maybe this last form of entertainment might not be considered entertainment, but to some it is because they can easily go entertain themselves elsewhere whilst they wait

Tell us your methods of entertainment whilst waiting for fuel in Zimbabwe?

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