A Decade of Zim and Torque


11 years ago, i was at home sitting thinking. My mind was always up to creating things that could not be done considering i was in Africa and many said it couldn’t be done. Then i remembered nothing was impossible. Fortunately Hyundai had just started their new campaign “New thinking new possibilities” this campaign arguably inspired me. On the other hand i was also new to Facebook and the internet in Zimbabwe had just started to grow.

When i was 12 years old i loved to write about cars and planes, collected magazines and had aspirations of becoming an astronaut. My drive to connect with people and technology led to the creation of Cartorque in 2009. Fast forward into late 2010 i met a fellow enthusiast named Tatenda Jinya, who had the same aspiration and ideas i had. This also led me to re brand and change what i had initially imagined to give birth to what we know as Zimtorque.


Zimtorque joined a magazine which was also starting called AutoTrader Zimbabwe. We came up with an idea of having the first ever biggest car event in Zimbabwe. Sponsorship was very limited considering this whole culture was still new it got very limited supported, it was hosted at Borrowdale Race Course.


The first show wasn’t a good success however that didn’t stop us from recreating it with a more cultural approach. Our love and commitment drove us to become the first ever brand to host a car show at Westgate Shopping Mall. It took lot of convincing as we were young & largely unknown. Zimtorque was growing online and it needed a passionate team which now consisted of Daniel Manhanga , Raihaan Kerbelker, Tatenda, Farai and Panashe.

We put our heads together and came up with the Zimbabwe Modified Cars Festival. The show had over 50 cars on display including a very special built, first ever pick up Elgrand done by the overall car show winner Raoul Savania of spraytech. Zim Car Fest was sponsored by Venom Customs. With that idea had become a reality. Later that year we became online experts in reporting anything to do with the automotive industry , though we had little support we did not stop.


It was a quiet year for us in terms of hosting shows as we concentrated on building a solid online position by creating the first ever enthusiasts website and vehicle imports website. We only hosted Gateway Bass n Shine which was a show n shine competition ,sound off and also managed to host sound offs along side various car audio companies at the Sables Drag Pro Club Drags events. Our 2013 year plan yielded great results as we got acknowledged by MIAZ’s Zimbabwe Motor Show as “Zimtorque intensifies online automotive forum”.


We were enjoying working as a team, i never thought of my self as a founder or a leader, i always called my self a worker of the team. Zimtorque decided to get more and more ambitious as the years went by as we decided to host the first ever car show at Belgravia Sports club. We nicknamed the suburb the multi-cultural suburb as it hosts various embassies. The Zim Modifed car festival was renamed Zimbabwe Auto Festival. This show brought in a lot of attention from custom houses such as Spraytech, Kustom Auto Spray, Venom customs, Audio City, Unik Audio, Uno Motors and many more to come and compete and grow the culture along side Zimtorque. ZAF was designed to inspire and improve our auto industry.

The show not only invited local media but also regional media Max My Ride South Africa and Lusacar Magazine Zambia. ZAF 2014 gave birth to what we now know as the home of car culture, putting together various service providers in the industry and introduction of car clubs or crews We had a great attendance of both cars competing and spectators. When the show ended i announced the birth of Spinner of the year competition to start in 2015. April 2014 we hosted the first ever Night meet and we were the first to be allowed to host a show at Long cheng mall


It was one of the busiest years of Zimtorque. Daniel, Farai and Panashe had to organise the Fast and the Furious Premiere, year plan for the shows we had to attend which was coming in 2015/ 2016 season, myself , Tatenda, Raihaan and George had to maintain the growing fan page, website and hype of the 2014 Zimbabwe Auto Festival. The 2015 ZAF saw a build up starting in February, which saw me travelling to South Africa to not only scout how we can make shows in Zimbabwe better but also meet the editor/founder of the biggest car culture magazine in Africa Speed and Sound. It was one of my dreams coming true to meet her as i collected a lot of their magazines. She was also very delighted to meet me and liked my dreams i had for Zimbabwe which led year to offer her support and send her team for the Zimbabwe Auto Festival show.

Fast forward August ZAF 2015 was one of the biggest car shows that year as it brought enthusiasts from South Africa, Zambia, Bulawayo, Mutare and Botswana to compete at the show. The burnout of the year was also introduced and 17 other awards were given away. That very same year i was interviewed by various newspapers in Zimbabwe as “founder of car culture in Zimbabwe” it was a title that remained with me which i never took credit for because it belonged to the people that were around me and who supported me with the little support we had. It was quite an emotional year. In October we hosted our 5th anniversary car show that saw 11 spinners coming to Borrowdale race course to show case their talent against the trio from South Africa Team Y and Sons.

Multinational companies joined us that very same year. Further more we were also part of the second edition carnival by having the first legal street drag races in town and also burnouts in front of Parliament. December 2015 we then hosted the second edition Night meet and that very same year we had hosted a couple of shows


Westgate mall was a venue we loved to host shows. We hosted the Germany vs Japan battle, first ever Fast and the furious premiere were we parked cars near the movie house in partnership with Ster Kinekor. Later in the summer we partnered with Total Zimbabwe to bring you the fourth edition Zimbabwe Auto Festival which lived up to its expectations. 2016 was just a walk in the park for us , sound offs, night show and burnouts.


Zimtorque was really enjoying the fact of creating new innovative shows. Again we hosted the Fate of the furious premiere which was sold out and saw the Westgate allocated parking space full of cars that were competing against each other. The biggest car show of the year also turned 5 years old and the 5th time the show being held at Belgravia Sports club, showing commitment. Additionally we started hosting sound offs at the national Drags events. Our website and fan page was getting a lot of attention and also a lot of controversy like any other growing brand we had to face that. In that very same year i felt very ambitious that i wanted to start bringing in hybrid vehicles into the country. But again faced a big challenge of funding, with Zimtorque we managed to work had and partner up with Japanese companies to try pull through this initiative.


Zimtorque decided to expand more on the online platform to become the best auto news provider. We started attending radio shows, contributing articles in other websites and newspapers. And on the other hand promoting vehicle imports.


This year we will be 10 years and we had various products we wanted to launch unfortunately the corona virus pandemic has disturbed our celebrations. However we are set to launch our dealership, Vlog and 2021 biggest car show of the decade which will be hosted in August. It has been a great journey and on behalf of the team i would like to thank everyone who has supported us through this great journey and we are very appreciative for being christened the home of automotive culture in Zimbabwe and me being called the father of automotive enthusiasm in Zimbabwe.

Keep following us and sharing the page as we have a lot more lined up including introduction of our very special edition vehicles. Happy 10th anniversary Zimtorque fans! Thank you to the team that employed themselves to this movement Daniel, Tatenda, Raihaan, Farai, Panashe, George and many more.

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