Supra’s History Re-Launched!

The Toyota Supra has a lot of rich history. We last saw this historic machine back in the 90s. I still don’t understand why Toyota had to stop production of this brilliantly put together enthusiasts machine. The Supra was very popular in Japan when it was launched in the 70s , before making global noise in the 90s and being one of the popular cars to star in  the Fast and the Furious movie.

World wide automotive enthusiasts loved the 2JZ motor which had a 3 litre twin-turbo that produced close to 326 horsepower. The Supra was not only an enthusiasts car but also a perfect weekend car. It was a powerhouse of the development of the JDM era. It was always compared to the Nissan GTR R33 and R34.

This rivalry was like Manchester United and Manchester City. Both cars during the 3rd millennium were stealing shows, breaking performance records and featuring in blockbuster movies. But today our focus is on the Toyota Supra which was last seen on the JDM market in 2002. Fortunately Zimbabwe also managed to be part of the global battle as we had individuals that owned the Toyota Supra and Nissan GTR R34.

Toyota decided to relaunch the iconic machine 18 years later and all i can say we are up for a big surprise.

The Design?

Well okay, ummm, we are no longer back in the 90s or early 2000s, we are going into the future and i think the Supra went from Britney Spears to Ariane Grande. Well done to Toyota for the design and for trying to keep the traditional design

The Performance?

As i mentioned above the ancient Supra was powered by a 3 litre Twin-Turbo motor, which produced 326 horsepower and did 0-100km/h in 4.6 seconds. Fast forward into the future the 2020 Supra will share the same engine as the 2019 BMW Z4, that has a turbocharged, 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Toyota say that the GR Supra will possibly produce 335 horsepower which is only 9 horsepower more than the old version. Actual performance figures have not yet been released. Additionally a hybrid version might also be on the cards.

The interior?

The Supra will obviously come with fancy gizmos and toys to play around with. Personally i did not like the old version’s interior it felt like you were sitting in a bucket with flight controls in front of you. Lets hope the new one will be more car-ish than plane-ish. On the other hand it looks like Toyota took abit of the Corolla and Rav4 interior design, and placed it in the Supra GR, well that’s my own view.

In Conclusion?

Its good to have the icon back to probably challenge the  Nissan GTR R35, that is one race we would like to see! Starting price will be around $66 250 before shipping or duty for some of us.

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