Modfest 2012

Seven years ago on a cloudy, slightly wet afternoon we held our first show together with Venom Customs. I’d only been to one prior car show in Harare before this in 2010 so it was intruiging to see what would turn up(check it out here). Modfest 2012 was a car show in the loosest definition of the word but still the excitement was building despite the gloomy weather. as the weather cleared out came the cars and so began the journey of the Zimbabwe Auto Festival. So let’s take a walk down memory lane and see what turned up all those years ago…

Many will recognise this particular Altezza. Back then though it was a good looking naturally aspirated sporty sedan, not the force fed beast it is today.

Much like this panda example below, Altezza’s were few and far between and hardly as ubiquitous as they are now.

The majority of cars seem to have come from Spraytech or their customers and it’s not surprising that they soon become known for working on some of the most talked about cars in the country. This Elgrand can hardly be forgotten.

I personally prefer this iteration of it’s paint job to its Rockford Fosgate version. That aside the workmanship on this conversion is still something to behold even today.

From the curved rear glass to the bed, the car looks like it was meant to come this way from the Nissan factory.

If the Elgrand stood out for it uniqueness, this trio of GC8’s stood out for their Skittle-like paint jobs.

You could not have been at this show and not had a look at these cars.

Whats even better about these cars is that even now, seven years later not much has changed about them and they can still be seen and heard on the streets of Harare.

Subarus probbaly made up the largest single marque of the day.

This stunning white 555 has been featured here before (Click here to see more of it in depth)

The German cars were few and far between as compared to later years.

This quartet of Nissan 300ZX also made the trip out to Westgate.

As did a pair of immaculate Supras.

If there was one car that looked a little out of place amongst all the German and Japanese metal it was this Pontiac Firebird.

And finally here’s something with some muscle car looks, and Japanese minimalism to finish off this post. A Celica that would eventually lead to the birth of the legendary Supra.

What was your favorite car from this show? Do you still see any of these cars driving around?

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