I’m blue da ba dee da ba daa

Its good to be back! I must say it has been a very long time since i last wrote on this blog and most probably most of you have forgotten about me. Anyways i have a very exciting story to tell you. It was a nice sky blue wednesday minding my own business and doing my work. When i met a good friend of mine Nigel, manager at Ceramic Pro who was taking pictures of something very blue. I couldn’t believe my eyes that a certain vehicle was already in Zimbabwe

That vehicle in question vomits 585 horsepower from a 4 litre twin turbo V8 stomach which makes growling noise more than a hungry gorilla. Oh yes you would want to be near a hungry gorilla. Blessed were my eyes when i saw the internet sensation Mercedes Benz GT63 4matic+. It is actually a car’s name not an equation. The car is beautiful as seen on the internet and magazines although the design element might look like a CLS that just got a postgraduate certificate at had that different look. Above all the curving looks like they were done by an artist, attention to detail was amazingly put together to surely complement Mercedes’ best or nothing slogan.

Unfortunately i could not drive the car but only look and open my mouth with amazement like i have just seen Zesa on the whole day. It is certainly a beautiful car and hope i will be able to drive it and feature it in our 2020 magazine.

Credits:Ceramic Pro

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