Low Life – Slammed M3

“See low riding aint a sport, it’s a way of life” This quote was taken from Snoop Dogg’s rap lyrics. So what did he mean when he said “it’s a way of life?”

Low Life in Zim?

Well honestly when I first saw this car, I thought the guy who were doing customizing this 1994 BMW M3 were just being ambitious. Why? Firstly our roads are quite a bit bumpy for low riding cars. If you driving one around you have to maneuver around like you are driving a pickup carrying very fragile dinner plates. Yes they are some places you can enjoy low riding to show and shine but it is a huge mission. However passion did not stop the guys from Spraytech in introducing low riding also known as stance in Zimbabwe. When I visited their workshop to have a look at the car, my mind was just saying this car is lower than a normal Ferrari. The lip was literary close to the ground. Spraytech said that their goal was to join the global trend of introducing stance in Zimbabwe regardless of some of our roads. Arguably they are predicting a future that our roads will soon be smooth and fun to drive in. So let me now introduce you to the car.

The exterior

What we are looking at is a 1994 BMW M3 with a custom made kit and custom made paint job. The paint is a deep dazzling red that sparkles both in the sunlight and night time. On the body there was a lot of attention to detail with carbon fibre finishing, a rear custom made diffuser and a roof painted black to make it look like it has a panoramic roof. The wheels are 19inch BBS rims with custom made spraytech badges. When we attended the photoshoot they were doing at the airport for Speed and soud magazine from South Africa, the rear wheels were sitting an angle which is known as camber, another introduction from Spraytech in Zimbabwe. You are probably asking yourself what camber means, basically it is the angle made by the wheels of a vehicle specifically, it is the angle between the vertical axis of the wheels used for steering and the vertical axis of the vehicle when viewed from the front or rear. It is quite stylish.


Under the hood

The M3 does not have a normal standard 3litre engine. It has a custom made engine bay also painted with dazzling color, shining silver and well composed looking engine stabilizer bars. That’s not all it features a Supercharger done by RGM motorsport from South Africa and custom made exhaust system

How is the performance

It displays unbelievable performance, doing close to 13 seconds on a quarter mile and an amazing sound like a jet is about to take off. When I had a ride in the car, obviously being driven by the owner, I could feel that they was a lot of power going into the rear tyres which resulted in tail happy traction. It was such a great feeling that I had to make sure by seatbelt was tight enough as it reached 120km/h in second gear. Now that’s parental advisory power. You probably noticing that the photoshoot exclusive to Speed and Sound magazine and Zimtorque.com was done with the M3 surrounded by the Beechcraft airplane, in the back of my mind I was saying to myself the M3 could possible beat the plane in a drag race on the runaway. I certainly hope the race will happen one day.

A step inside

Getting into this car was like entering in a smart casual pub. Seats kept original, custom made M-badges on the doors with futuristic interior lighting. The sound inside was also amazing as the sound coming from the engine. This gives you a spoil of choice whether to switch the radio off to listen to the engine sound or rather just put your tracks to full blast and listen to the crystal clear sound from RockFord Fosgate Punch.

With two subs in the boot, they provide you with clear cut bass, and the splits giving you clear cut surround sound. I then went to have a close look at the boot, and it was really majestic with a lot of glass around it engraved Rockford Fosgate and Spraytech to fully complement the car’s sound providers and installers.


At the 3rd edition Zimbabwe Auto Festival 2015 the BMW M3 spraytech edition, received Car of the year and Custom Car of the year from 9/10 points. It earned a feature in one of Southern Africa most respected car culture magazine Speed and Sound Magazine and was christened “Boarderline Crazy”.


Overally it was well built and put together. It fully defined what stance was and the world of custom culture what it can do. Certainly the paint job and sound install can challenge other custom jobs around the world. Besides it being too low for Zim roads it is a car worth having, as they say nothing beats passion just like fashion craze people say a gentlemen has no weather.



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