Fueling Up 2018

We have great news lined up for our followers this 2018. Zimtorque will this year be 8 years and we have all of you to thank for these great automotive culture years. We are just two years away from a decade and Zimtorque has lined up a memorable road to the decade celebrations.

2nd quarter of 2018

29 April is when the Drag racing season begins and we will be covering every second of the quarter mile event from the fastest to the slowest on the track. Additionally this winter  we will be launching a print magazine, to place an advert for more information you can email zimtorque@gmail.com. The cover will be released this coming weekend!!

To warm you up more this winter we are also introducing the Zimtorque Special Membership card which will be limited to 100 members. The card will have a lot of motoring benefits which will be released in due course on the website.

Zimtorque.net is also on the verge of partnering with various vehicle suppliers to increase the growth of vehicle sales, quality sales and informative buyers guide. The automotive industry is growing rapidly in which we aim to ensure that 12 000+ of our followers are well informed on pricing and cars to buy, turning part of the brand as a vehicle supplier. For us to review cars, organise car shows and modify cars , followers need to buy cars and have an informative platform to buy a car.

This summer the popular battle of German cars Vs Japanese cars makes a return with a challenge from the Special edition cars from Europe and America. Zimtorque event organisers have not yet set a date but rumors around the office say it is scheduled for September, so watch this space and get your car ready for this epic battle.

Watch this space we have plenty lined up!

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