Buying a Car is like Getting Married

Owning a Car is like getting married

In my life I have owned a total of 6 cars and every time I see them with their respective new owners I still have that sentimental connection with them. At times it is difficult to understand for some people why car guys have that connection with their cars. I still believe owning a car is like getting married. Why? When we choose our cars we take our time, read forums and research on specifications of the car. It is the same when we are in a relationship or working on asking someone out.

We all have different preferences that include performance, technology, accessories and luxurious features that help us choose a car. You want something that can take you places that can be memorable. Us car culture guys love to take long drives, look for the best scenery we can take pictures of our cars.

It is more or less the same like you and your girlfriend or wife going to the most scenic places to be alone and take the best memorable pictures. Some might call it weird, but this connection between a car and its owner grows according how you maintain and see your car.

That connection also pushes us to clean the cars as much as we clean ourselves, maybe sometimes more than we do to ourselves, so that our cars stay valuable and new. Same as how you want to keep your  wife looking beautiful.

Some believe when opening the door of your car should feel like your home, because this is the machine that will be taking you from A to B. Others think opening a door of car should feel like you are preparing yourself for an adventure of your dreams.

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