Kustom Crystal Rolla

The Toyota Corolla has been one of the most respected compact cars since 1966. It is well known for being reliable, efficient, and practical and value for your money.  Ever wondered where the name corolla came from? The name Corolla is part of Toyota’s naming tradition of using names derived from the word crown for their sedans; with Corolla being Latin for small crown. The E110 engine was the first in a Toyota to have an aluminum engine block and aluminum cylinder heads, which made this generation lighter than the E100 Corolla.

The corolla we are looking at today is however no ordinary corolla, this is a Kustom Crystal Rolla

Customised by none other than Kas of Kustom Auto Spray. This E110 received a full paint job make over, which reminds me of days spent playing Need For Speed Underground; applying all kinds of colour flipping paint jobs and wondering if i’d ever see something like that in person.The attention to detail of the paint job earned Kustom Auto Spray an award at the 2015 Zimbabwe Auto Festival for Best Paint Job

Opening the door of the Rolla was like entering into mobile club, only missing a dj spinning on the decks. The rolla’s dash was kept standard in the middle console was a touch screen pioneer radio.

In the boot is a Star Sound Amplifier, Four 12inch Sony 1000w Subwoofers, a custom built install with a nice finishing of glass and lighting. The junk in this trunk is certain to make the suburbs jump.

It’s one Corolla I would like to own as it can be a show stopper both day and night, presenting creativity and futuristic features we only saw on TV. I was quite impressed that our very own local custom houses are coming up innovations that have character, practicality and modifications that can be distinguished from the rest. This was just a normal e110 corolla also known as crystal light in Zimbabwe, which was turned into a Crystal Rolla.

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